How to Remove Shedding Cat Hair from Every Surface

Long haired cat laying on floor

As cat owners, we’re no stranger to shedding cat hair. As much as we love them, their fur gets on everything: furniture, carpet, bedding, clothing. Forget ever wearing black again without picking off every single hair. 

But, you know what they say, pet hair is just cat people glitter, right? 

If by that you mean that it gets everywhere and no matter how much you clean and scrub, you’ll still find a cat hair in your mouth–then sure, it’s like glitter.

With the summer in full swing, it’s safe to say that the shedding has kicked it up a notch. Here are a few tips to remove cat hair and help tackle the summer shed. 

How to remove shedding cat hair from every surface

Tips for Getting Rid of Shedding Cat Hair

Brush Your Cat Often to Remove Excess Cat Hair

The best way to remove cat hair is to stop the shed in the first place.

While it’s natural for most cat breeds to shed, especially in the summer, brushing your cat often can help remove the excess fur before it ends up all over your house. 

Depending on your breed of cat, there are a few options that work well for getting rid of the shedding cat hair, as well as dirt and dander on your cat’s skin. 

Wire brushes with thin teeth are best for long haired breeds, while soft bristle brushes are used for short or medium length breeds.

Keeping your cat well-groomed also helps prevent hairballs which can be a serious health concern.

Take Advantage of Petting Your Cat

I’m sure you’ve noticed all the hair that comes off while you’re petting your cat. Spending some extra time showing them some affection lets you catch the hair before it ends up on your clothes or your floor.

Grooming mitts are also an option for removing the excess hair. They are worn like an oven mitt, but have a brush on the palm side that works to remove the shedding cat hair while you pet your cat like normal.

Use White Vinegar and the Dryer to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes and Bedding

One of the worst things about shedding pet hair is that it can clog up your washing machine. 

To remove the cat hair from your clothes and bedding pre-wash, toss them in the dryer first! Run them through a short tumble cycle (no heat) first, and the pet hair will get caught in the lint trap.

When you put them in the washer, add a ½ cup of vinegar to soften the clothes and help the washing machine knock any additional cat hair loose. 

Side note: Is there anything white vinegar can’t fix? Seriously, I use vinegar for everything from cleaning my stove to cleaning my dishes. Add to this the fact that it eliminates the smell of cat pee if your cat, like mine, decides to pee on your clothes like a jerk, and vinegar is basically a miracle cure.

Shedding cat snuggles next to owner in bed

Use Microfiber Cloths and Mops to Remove Cat Hair from Hardwood Floors

Having hardwood floors sounds like a great idea until you see cat hair rolling across them like little fur tumbleweeds.

Unfortunately, a lot of cleaning methods will just push the cat hair around instead of actually removing it. 

To keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful, use microfiber cloths or dust mops to capture the hair without damaging the wood. 

Use a Lint Roller or Dampened Gloves to Remove Cat Hair from Furniture

While using a vacuum can help remove some of the hair, it misses the fur that sticks has dug itself into the fabric. Lighting sprinkling baking soda over the surface before vacuuming can also help loosen the hair fibers, making it easier to vacuum more hair. This is also a great tip for removing cat hair from carpet. 

Lint rollers are good for picking up the remaining hair, as well as rubbing a damp rubber glove or sponge over the surface.

Make Sure Your Cat is Healthy and Happy

If it seems like your cat is losing more hair than usual, it may be caused by stress or an underlying health condition. If you’re concerned at all, make sure to take get your cat into the vet as soon as possible.

Do you use any of these cat hair removal techniques? Do you know of any more? Let me know in the comments.

12 Replies to “How to Remove Shedding Cat Hair from Every Surface”

  1. The tip to put your clothes in the dryer prior to washing is fantastic! Duh – why didn’t I think of that!! We have long-haired Shih Tzus and we have hair everywhere… This little nugget just saved me some extra work. Thank you!

    1. Curly Cat Lady says: Reply

      Glad I could help! It’s saved me some extra work too! Three cats shed SO MUCH

  2. Great tips and wish I had known about them when I had cats as my house was fluffy all the time no matter how much I cleaned. Layla thank goodness does not shed so am lucky phew

    1. Curly Cat Lady says: Reply

      Thank you! I’m sure it’s great having a dog that doesn’t shed!

  3. Thanks for sharing the great tips. Our two shed their hair everywhere our household. We will try some of the tips to see if they work for us. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.

    1. Curly Cat Lady says: Reply

      I hope they work for you! Have a great weekend

      1. World Of Animals, Inc. says: Reply

        Thanks, we will. Especially indoors during this heatwave.

  4. I get it when you talk about Cat Hair as Glitter – the whole surface thing.

    Really appreciated the tips and will pass them on to other feline and human companions.

    Timmy – the cat who is featured on Halfway up Rysy Peak – was a shorthair cat and even he would leave clumps about.

    In his last years he could be almost hairless.

    Good points about petting; microfibre cloths; lint rollers; dampened gloves and the general advice to keep Cat healthy and happy.

    [I think lots of cats take care of themselves well in that last regard – we humans help them along!]

    1. Curly Cat Lady says: Reply

      Yeah, cats are pretty self-sufficient, which I love! It’s just about helping them along! 🙂

  5. The peeps vacuum my hair up. Since I get FURminated there isn’t that much fur. TW has a wonderful contraption that they no longer make that gets cat hair off her bed and my cat beds. She wishes they still made them cos her’s is getting ratty.

    1. Curly Cat Lady says: Reply

      I wish they still made that contraption as well! That would help me out a lot, haha. I’m still on the hunt for a miracle cure, but until then, it’s the dryer and the lint roller for me 🙂

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