Meet My Furry Family

After two tragic losses of my sweet kitties in the last year, my house is feeling too empty.

Even though they’re no longer with us, my sweet kitties deserve their spotlight, and they’re still part of the family, so enjoy reading a bit more about them below.

Percy, the Orange Tabby and Potty Partner

My first cat was this chunky sweetheart. I adopted him in the summer of 2013 and from the moment I met him, I was in love. I have never met a more affectionate, loving cat. He was my partner-in-crime, following me everywhere–literally. If I so much as open the bathroom door, he would come running from wherever he was so that I didn’t have to go alone.

He was named after my least favorite Weasley brother from the Harry Potter series, but I liked the punniness of the name  (and I was only 17 when I adopted him).

Percy (or Perseus when I’m angry) was the absolute light of my life, but he, unfortunately, crossed the rainbow bridge in January of 2022 after a hard battle with cancer. I miss him every day.

Oli, My Grey Tabby Rescue Cat

My best friend found Oli (pronounced Ollie) shivering on the side of the road when she was still barely as big as my hand. My best friend had been living with me for a few months when she brought this small bundle of joy home. Shaking and covered in fleas, we bathed her, fed her, and nursed her back to health.

This was only a few months after adopting Percy, and the two of them quickly became a pair.

Oli, unfortunately, passed away in May of 2021. I miss her every day, but I know she’s watching over us.

Oli (or Olivia, sometimes) had a dynamite personality. She was sweet as could be, but not afraid to tell you what she wanted, whether that was a chin scratch or whatever food you happened to be eating. She was also not afraid to stand up to the boys when it came to her food.

William, the Tuxedo Rescue with a Dominant Personality

William ( named after William Bell from the TV show Fringe) was originally my boyfriend’s cat. He was also found on the side of a road, barely bigger than the palm of your hand.

Growing up around a dog and with a wide backyard and woods to play in, William is the feistiest cat of the bunch. You know that typical cat stereotype of pushing items off a table, just because they can? That’s William.

When my boyfriend and I moved in together in May of 2018, introducing my cats to William was a bit of a challenge, especially for Percy–but by the end, all three were a sweet, sometimes dysfunctional, blended family.

I wasn’t sure how William would react when I moved in. He absolutely adores my boyfriend, and I was sure that it would take him a long time to warm up to another person sleeping in the bed.

Now, every time he climbs onto my chest while I’m lying on the couch, or cuddles next to me while I’m sleeping, I feel immensely grateful that he’s accepted me into his life.

The Crazy Cat Owners

As for me, my name is Krissy and I live with my boyfriend and our cats right outside of Minneapolis, MN.

Percy, Oli, and I are originally from Cincinnati, but we moved to the frigid north in May of 2018. I work as a copywriter and content marketer for pet businesses in my full-time. When I’m not spending all of my time writing, I’m usually watching a competitive cooking show, reading a book, or playing Stardew Valley.

I love my small family more than anything in the world, and I hope you stick around to hear more about our adventures.